Apple vs the FBI

The details of this case have been broken down and explained extremely well by Ben Thompson. The more technical details have also been very thoroughly covered by Jonathan Zdziarski on his blog. I am clearly on Apple’s side in this battle, and very much hope that they don’t lose. However, it’s worth pointing out that if they were to lose, that is, if they were compelled to provide a mechanism to facilitate brute force pass code cracking it wouldn’t be a total disaster. »

Starting Over

My old tumblr blog was a mess. I was doing a very bad impression of being an Apple blogger, interspersed with the odd post about iOS development. The posts were too long and too infrequent. It was actually starting to be an embarrassment. So I killed it. All the old posts are gone. I’m starting over, with a new blog using the Hugo static blogging engine and hosting everything on GitHub Pages. »