Manage all your Lists and ToDo items with a beautiful and super easy to use interface. ThenDo removes any unnecessary steps in your list management. No unnecessary taps or "edit" modes, just edit everything in place.


  • Editing an item and want to edit another? Just tap the item you want to edit.
  • No need to go into and out of a special "Edit" mode, just edit items right in where they are.
  • Just tap any empty space or row to create a new item, even if you're already editing and item.
  • ThenDo just does what you'd expect it to do.
  • Want to re-order your items? Just tap, hold and drag, no need to go into a special reordering mode.


  • Beautiful animations. ThenDo takes full use of iOS 7 to give you gorgeous animated transitions between your lists and their content.
  • Use a pinch gesture to get back to your lists and watch how the list items zoom away as you pinch.
  • Choice of three themes each with their own carefully chosen and beautifully coordinated color scheme.


  • ThenDo uses iCloud to seamlessly sync your data across all your devices